Buriram Massage Facilities

Buriram Oil Massage offers an air conditioned Massage Room | Private Changing Room | Clean Private Heated Shower with raised Cotto Toilet | Stainless Steel Safety Grab Bars

Buriram Massage Private changing room
Miss Pennapa at the Buriram Massage Changing room


Inside Buriram Massage you will find four comfortable foot massage chairs | a private curtained area for each of the two raised massage tables | a private room for changing clothes | a spotless restroom with a western style toilet. The Panasonic hot water heater is mounted on the wall with a WaterPik Shower Massage handheld sprayer. Always quality soaps and the restroom and shower is cleaned with Dettol disinfectant after every massage session. Towels and massage table high thread count linens are washed daily and smell fresh.  The entire Buriram Massage facility was cleaned with Benzalkonium Chloride during the April 2020 safety period. Dettol disinfectant is used in the mop bucket several times daily. Air conditioning | quiet fans | your choice of music | dimming LED lighting are all part of the luxury spa experience at very affordable prices 200 baht to 500 baht per hour in Buriram. You receive far more luxury and pampering than the fee. Only one client at a time inside the Buriram Massage Studio. Your privacy is respected.